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What is heat transfer printing?


Let's take 5 minutes to understand heat transfer printing:

1,Heat transfer printing mechanism.
Heat transfer printing normally used for polyester fabric,it’s through high temperature (about 200 ℃) make  disperse dyes in the printing paper heated then sublimation to the gas phase condensed on the polyester surface, and then infiltrated into fiber macromolecule no amorphous area, after cooling fixed in the fiber inside printing method.

2,Heat transfer printing features.
(1) Heat transfer printing pattern have vivid patterns, meticulous patterns, clear levels and strong three-dimensional sense characteristics. Heat transfer printing can print flowers, cartoon, human portrait, natural landscape and strong artistic patterns.

(2) Heat transfer printing equipment have simple structure, small footprint, low investment and high economic efficiency advantages. As the equipment is tension-free processing, suitable for a variety of thickness knit, woven fabric printing. In addition, heat transfer printing without post-processing package can be shipped.

(3)Heat transfer printing process is eco-friendly, can stand various tests, and there is no exist environmental pollution problems. As dry processing, no washing, steaming, drying and other processes, so no exhaust gas and waste water discharge.

(4)Heat transfer printing have high production efficiency, labor-saving and easy to operate advantages.

(5)Heat transfer printing through red, yellow and blue three primary colors plus black, just need 4 sets color, you can achieve photos, painting effect.

3. Heat transfer printing basic process:

Get a flower original or document (AI, PDF as well).

1) Scanning、drawing draft  original or document.

2) Computer color separation channel.

3) Consider printing shrinkage, consider the large machine printing on the expansion and contraction,confirm flower size, color channel with version whether correct, several versions can meet the color requirements, digital printer print out digital samples,heat press on the pre-printed fabric to provide customer make final confirmation.

4) Making plate: engraving gravure printing roller.

5) Through gravure printing machine, put water-based or oily disperse dyes printed on paper or other carriers.

6) Through heat-resistant blanket transfer sublimation printing machine, 200 degrees temperature for 15 seconds pressure heat press, printing to be printed needle textile polyester fabric-based carrier products.

4. Heat transfer printing to fabric requirements.

Heat transfer printing is mainly used in polyester fiber products, that is, polyester fabric.

1) Heat transfer printing application fabric, general heat transfer printing factory without pre-treatment equipment,need to do pre-treatment : machine wash, bleach dyeing, styling, softening in the dyeing  factory. 

2) Only bleach, white ect,light-colored print dark-colored,can't dark-colored print light-colored.
3) Sublimation temperature is 200 ℃, 15 seconds heat press bonding time, different fabrics will have different shrinkage, generally consider 2-3% shrinkage rate,if you have higher requirements about width, or pattern positioning, in the making plate confirming and dyeing factory stereotypes need to pay special attention. Some stretch fabrics, you have to consider tension on the machine and roll, it will narrow and stretch. The point is rather big than small, rather wide than narrow.

5. Heat transfer printing should pay attention to several points.

1) Some quarter-color imitation digital flower patterns and design drawings, as any area can change the color,don’t consider in the future special spot channel to make plate do big goods printing, spot color separation biggest difference is one color in the same version.

For example, now a flower is red,the red shades are layered elsewhere, and combination with another version color is converted to reddish color. If the color need to change into blue, by the blue change and replaced with another blue color. Need to match with before digital plate color.

2) Confirm the digital sample need very serious comparison,before mentioned fabric shrinkage, printing cloth, cloth tension, these have a great relationship with now digital size samples. Once confirmed making plate, you will find waiting for re-plate, not only to pay a small plate fee, but also have to delay delivery.

3) Confirm the feel of finished fabric printing. Softener not have much impact on the transfer printing.

4) Due to high temperature, all kinds of coatings will have damaged, it is recommended to print first, then do coating, compounding ect,last finishing process.

5) On the market printing paper have two kinds.

One is recycled paper, advantage is price is lower, disadvantage is due to the original paper spots and plaques, it is easy to have a small color point, white spots on the fabric,especially when doing gradient, especially obvious;
The second is full wood pulp, advantage is no color point, white spots, disadvantage is higher price. When our clients have higher demand, you should insist guests don’t risk a few cents.

6) Heat transfer printing ink is also divided into ordinary and advanced, the biggest difference is the sun fastness, and price difference, need to clearly ask customer sun fastness. Generally ordinary ink washing, dry grinding, machine wash, soaping, environmental protection, sticky color ect can pass the factory test, in the polyester fabric can reach 4 or more. However, the sun fastness, especially blue, when faced with demanding customers, especially for fabric customers, don’t have the chances, must use high fastness ink.

7) All the digital samples, only as a confirmation flower pattern, large goods prenatal samples, need according to printing factory on the machine when coloring big goods as the standard. Now some customers to digital sample color,have a higher demanding, requiring confirmation in the digital sample, this process is time-consuming and laborious. But in fact, on the big machine when the color and effect need to care about, and stare firmly.

8) Choose heat transfer printing factory is very important. Choose a good printing factory, you can be responsible for your product, responsible for your credibility. If you just want to save a little bit printing costs, loss fabric or even loss customers, it is uneconomical.
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